The NOAA Research Council is an internal body composed of senior scientific personnel from every line office in the agency who provide corporate oversight to ensure NOAA’s research and development activities are of the highest quality, meet near- to long-term mission requirements and societal needs, take advantage of emerging scientific and technological opportunities, shape a forward-looking research agenda, and are accomplished in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Science Fact Sheet

NOAA manages a vibrant, cutting-edge science program that focuses on research with a high relevance to society. To assist the general public in understanding the state of the science, NOAA develops State of the Science Fact Sheets.

Research Plans

The NOAA Research Council is the corporate body responsible for developing and maintaining NOAA's R&D strategic planning documents.

NOAA R&D Policies

The NOAA Research Council has a lot of documents regarding all of the different NOAA R&D Policies.

Science Report

The NOAA Science Report celebrates NOAA’s research and development in four sections: (1) Introduction, (2) Theme Chapters (3) Bibliometrics, and (4) NOAA’s Scientific Workforce.

Science Integrity Commons

NOAA has also created a Scientific Integrity Committee. The NOAA Scientific Integrity Officer and Scientific Integrity Committee will support the NOAA Research Council.