The NOAA Research Council sustains several standing committees to enable the Council to achieve its mission.

Cooperative Research Committee

NOAA Administrative Order 216-107 established a new NOAA policy on cooperative institutes and created the CI Committee to ensure compliance with the new policy and, when requested, to provide information to assist the Research Council with general CI program oversight.

Research & Development Enterprise Committee (RDEC)

The RDEC focuses on strengthening NOAA's R&D enterprise through effective planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

Line Office Transition Managers Committee (LOTMC)

The LOTM Committee focuses on improving the effectiveness of NOAA’s transitions of research to applications, on which the outcomes of NOAA’s Strategic Goals critically depend.

NOAA Libraries Advisory Committee (NLAC)

The NLAC advises the NOAA Research Council concerning the structure and operation of the NOAA Library System, working toward the vision of a Library System that is sustainable and meets the most critical needs for researchers to continue accomplishing NOAA's mission.

Unified Modeling Committee (UMC)

The UMC will plan, monitor, evaluate, and improve unified modeling within NOAA, and in a community effort with external partners.