research plans

The NOAA Research Council is the corporate body responsible for developing and maintaining NOAA's R&D strategic planning documents. Links to current and past planning documents and related material are available below.

NOAA Research and Development Vision Areas: 2020-2026

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The NOAA Research and Development Vision Areas: 2020-2026 is available in a downloadable PDF. The Vision characterizes the priorities and guidance for NOAA’s R&D activities for the next seven years. The Vision provides a common understanding among NOAA’s leadership, its workforce, its partners, constituents, and Congress on the value of NOAA’s R&D activities. 

NOAA 20-Year Research Vision

NOAA developed its 20-Year Research Vision in 2005 following on a review and recommendations from our Science Advisory Board. The document describes the vision of NOAA at the forefront of informing decision-makers and is available for download in a PDF format.


Please contact the Research Council Executive Secretariat at with any questions regarding the NOAA R&D strategic plans or 20-Year Vision.