Thursday, April 25, 2019

The NOAA Research Council is the corporate body responsible for developing and maintaining NOAA's R&D strategic planning documents. Links to current and past planning documents and related material are available below.     

Next NOAA Research and Development Plan


A public comment period to inform the next NOAA Research & Development (R&D) Plan is now open. We have not yet drafted the R&D Plan so your input will be used to help set the course for R&D at NOAA in the coming years. Please provide your input via email to and include the subject line "NOAA R&D Plan Public Comment". Input is due by February 8, 2019. For more information, please see the Federal Register Notice

The proposed three vision areas for the next NOAA R&D Plan are:

  1. Reduced societal impacts from severe weather and other environmental phenomena
  2. Sustainable use of ocean and coastal resources 
  3. A robust and effective research, development, and transition enterprise 

Questions to prompt ideas for input (but by no means limited to these questions): 

  1. Are there specific topics or objectives (within the scope of NOAA R&D) for inclusion in the plan?
  2. What are the major physical, environmental, and socioeconomic drivers that cross-cut the R&D in your field?
  3. Are there emerging technologies that should be included in this R&D plan?
  4. Anything else you would like to provide?

NOAA 5 Year Research and Development Plan - 2013-2017

NOAA 5 Year R&D Plan 2013The NOAA 5-Year Research and Development Plan for 2013 is available in a web-based version, as a downloadable PDF, or quick-reference Executive Summary in PDF form.

NOAA 20-Year Research Vision 

NOAA developed its 20-Year Research Vision in 2005 following on a review and recommendations from our Science Advisory Board.  The document describes the vision of NOAA at the forefront of informing decision-makers and is available for download in a PDF format.


Please contact the Research Council Executive Secretariat at with any questions regarding the NOAA R&D strategic plans or 20-Year Vision.