Monday, June 24, 2019


A healthy R&D enterprise means that the Agency directs innovation that has direct impact on the NOAA mission, funds those efforts to the degree that they can make a difference, and executes those efforts through an organization with the appropriate capabilities and expertise (oftentimes an external partner). Enterprise health also requires building upon existing best practices to promote scientific and technological excellence and to enable scientists and science leaders to pursue varied and valued R&D. NOAA is committed to ensuring its research is of demonstrable excellence, is responsive to societal needs, and provides the basis for new and more effective operational services and management actions. To achieve this, NOAA’s R&D enterprise rests on the following fundamental principles.

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Portfolio Management

A strong R&D enterprise means building upon existing best practices to promote scientific and technological excellence and pursuing the R&D necessary to improve NOAA's science, service, and stewardship responsibilities. Strengthening science also means managing R&D effectively, which comprises actively planning, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the Agency’s R&D to ensure that the Nation obtains a sustained return on its investment aligned with NOAA's strategic goals and objectives. Greater detail on this can be found in NOAA’s Administrative Order on Strengthening the R&D Enterprise. As with all other aspects of NOAA’s mission, R&D is conducted within NOAA’s Strategy Execution and Evaluation (SEE) system. Strategy-based performance management, an iterative process of implementation planning, budgeting, execution, and evaluation, applies the evaluation results to subsequent planning, budgeting, and execution.

Strengthening R&D also encompasses coordinating across NOAA and with NOAA's partners, exchanging information amongst scientists and clearly communicating the scope and value of NOAA's R&D to others. A strong scientific enterprise, like any robust system, is determined not only by the quality of its components, but also the quality of their connections.