Monday, June 24, 2019
Research and Development (R&D) at NOAA is an investment in the scientific knowledge and technology that will allow the Nation to adapt and respond to change in a complex world. Meeting the challenges and embracing the opportunities of a dynamic future are not only indicative of high-quality R&D, but are responsive to the needs of the Nation. In short, NOAA R&D provides value by improving environmental data sets, numerical models, communication of information to customers, and translation of science and technology advances into new applications to serve the public.

Purpose of the Plan

This Five Year R&D Plan (hereafter the “Plan”) will guide NOAA’s R&D activities over the next five years. The Plan provides a common understanding among NOAA’s leadership, its workforce, its partners, constituents, and Congress on the value of NOAA’s R&D activities. As such, the Plan is a framework with which NOAA and the public can monitor and evaluate the Agency’s progress and learn from past experience.

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Scope of the Plan

This Plan will guide R&D activities that NOAA funds or conducts itself. NOAA’s extended “R&D enterprise” includes, but is not limited to internal laboratories, science centers, Cooperative Institutes, grant recipients, Sea Grant Programs, and contractors. The planned R&D may, therefore, include activities, and associated infrastructure of Federal agencies (intramural) or of private individuals and organizations under grant, contract, or cooperative agreement (extramural).

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