Monday, June 24, 2019

Soft Assets

Sea Grant staff supporting NOAA's mission

NOAA’s laboratories, science centers, grant programs, and cooperative agreements support leading-edge research. NOAA’s progress depends on the coordinated functioning of this vibrant scientific enterprise, drawing on a broad range of skills and capabilities. NOAA R&D requires the experience and expertise of a top-notch workforce that extends beyond the Agency itself. The talent of the NOAA’s own bench scientists and engineers is complemented by extramural research partners who provide additional expertise (for example, the social science and science extension expertise at Sea Grant institutions) and additional technologies (for example, the satellite launch vehicles provided by NASA).

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Hard Assets

National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction in College Park MD

The knowledge produced by NOAA requires a solid base of integrated observations, from which improvements in understanding are extracted and applied; consequently, NOAA’s observing systems serve as fundamental mission assets. Models and data assimilation systems are tools used to extract knowledge from observations to provide essential analyses and forecasts for decision support.

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