Monday, June 24, 2019

20-Year Research Vision and Grand Science Challenges

NOAA 20 Year Research Vision Cover

To fulfill the promise of a science agency that delivers critical and necessary information and services to the public in the short- and long-term, NOAA developed a 20-year vision for research in 2005.  This vision, “Understanding global ecosystems to support informed decision-making,” has guided NOAA’s investment in research and provides a perspective that addresses the immediate and future needs of the Nation.  This vision drives the continued planning, investment, and implementation of NOAA’s R&D enterprise.

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Evolution of NOAA R&D

NOAA’s R&D enterprise continues to evolve with the needs of NOAA and the Nation.  The result of this evolution has largely been the convergence and integration of multiple disciplines.  However, critical events and emergent phenomena have further refined NOAA’s R&D investments.  The following is a high-level account of how NOAA’s R&D portfolio has evolved since the last version of this plan, published in 2008.   

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NOAA's R&D Strategy: Goals, Questions, Objectives & Targets

5 Year R&D Plan CoverWhat makes NOAA so unique is the utility of the agency’s science and technology, with respect to the Nation’s economic, legal, security, and cultural concerns.   At NOAA, R&D focuses attention on outcomes rather than activities - ends rather than means.  This focus provides the basis for making investment choices, aligning requirements, and clarifying roles and responsibilities.

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Relationships Among R&D Efforts

Meeting the proposed targets, achieving objectives, and answering key questions cannot be done by a single program, office, or agency.  NOAA R&D demands cooperation and collaboration within the Agency and among partners. The sections below describe the unique needs of R&D per NOAA goal and enterprise objective, as well as the interdependence among research efforts in these domains.