Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Objective 1

Enhance current species culture methods and identify new commercially viable species.

Increasing the aquaculture capacity of the U.S. to compete with foreign nations and improve culture methods domestically will not only enhance the sustainability of our products, but also increase the variety of seafood available. Increasing the accuracy and ability to monitor and evaluate culture methods will ensure that these practices are done in a smart way. In order to do so, NOAA will need to increase capacities encouraging expansion of aquaculture options.

R&D Targets:

  • Develop and transfer culture technologies for commercially viable marine aquaculture species
  • Develop aquaculture methods for species with high potential commercial viability

Objective 2

Support aquaculture as an effective tool for improving coastal community economies and improving habitat quality.

NOAA is committed to increasing our ability to continue conducting aquaculture practices sustainably. Along with providing jobs and economic opportunities, aquaculture is a tool that can be used for improving and monitoring habitat quality. Shellfish, such as oysters, clams, and mussels, remove excess nutrients from the water column and can be used as bioremediation tools.

R&D Targets:

  • Assess the potential of restoration and wild fishery enhancement as bioremediation tools

  • Identify the social and economic impacts of marine aquaculture on U.S. coastal communities

Objective 3

Create new technologies for better siting of aquaculture facilities.

Improving our current ability to understand the impacts of commercial aquaculture on the environment will help limit these impacts by placing facilities in areas that do not interfere with other coastal resources. Increased knowledge of proper site selection is critical for sustainability. Water quality impacts are likely to be minimal at offshore fish farm sites that are sited in deep, well-flushed water. Technologies such as ecological models and GIS databases of coastal use areas will enable sustainable choices.

R&D Targets:

  • Develop models to assess the environmental impacts and the technical feasibility of permitting offshore finfish culture