Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Key Questions

  • How can we improve the way scientific information and its uncertainty are communicated?

Improved understanding of how NOAA’s stakeholders consume information.

NOAA’s success in performing its mission depends on successful communication of its objectives and scientific and economic information and guidance with stakeholders and the public. Consequently, NOAA needs social science research on how best to communicate the scientific content of its data, products, and guidance to achieve optimal societal benefit.

R&D Targets:

  • Apply qualitative research methodologies to assess targeted audiences and engage stakeholder groups at the community level to improve NOAA's capacity to efficiently inform decision-making
  • Create mechanisms to collaborate effectively with local and cultural knowledge in the development of science data and products

  • Assess emerging communication technologies and methods for improving public comprehension and use of NOAA’s scientific information, products, and services
  • Optimize NOAA web presence with respect to communicating NOAA objectives, activities, products, services, and public issues