Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Objective 1

Increased hydrologic forecast skill from low to high streamflow conditions to match skill afforded by weather and climate predictions.

The foundation of improved fresh water resources management is improved hydrologic forecasting. Significant advances in hydrologic prediction demand a more complete understanding of the physical processes key to storms and floods. This knowledge must in turn be incorporated into improved numerical hydrologic prediction models.

R&D Targets:

  • Diagnose the variability of water vapor transport in atmospheric rivers
  • Identify extreme precipitation and precursor land-surface conditions that amplify or reduce drought and flood severity

  • Unify a large-scale hydrological modeling system allowing integrated and multiscale predictions, projections and analyses

  • Develop high-resolution hydrologic products that directly link atmospheric and land-surface processes and depict the full water cycle over the U.S.

  • Conduct a national water cycle reanalysis